Singapore: State of Edtech Report 2022

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We accelerate
learning innovations

We accelerate learning innovations
innovation in learning

Skills Nation aims to accelerate innovation in learning. We connect players and support solutions that drive the future of learning and work. We do this by supporting early stage founders with access to networks, capital and best practices, and by helping corporate leaders and employees become life long learners. Through collaborations with investors, industry experts and public parties we accelerate growth in the education technology sector. We believe that the future of learning will be characterised by greater accessibility, higher quality and more personalisation, enabled by technology. As such,

innovation in learning can be a catalyst for positive change.

Where do you sit within the ecosystem?


Receive one-on-one or group coaching and mentoring for your EdTech start-up or scale-up teams to grow. Receive access to the right networks in Southeast Asia. Find the right investors for funding.

Start-up Founder/Operator


Gain confidence and know-how to invest in early stage startups and make better investment decisions. Receive coaching and mentoring tailored specifically to female angel investors.


Corporate or Financial Institution leader

Get customised in-house programmes that accelerate your teams’ understanding of the new digital economy. Help your teams to develop the mental models to become autonomous learners, cut through the noise and stay up to date. These are highly engaging, effective programmes which utilise modern training methodologies.

Corporate or Financial

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