Singapore State of EdTech Report
2021 marked a fundamental shift in how the world approaches learning and teaching. The COVID-19 pandemic has catalysed the adoption of online learning for both children and adults. As a direct result, education technology (EdTech) has taken off globally and a paradigm shift has taken place in our understanding of how learning occurs.

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Created by Skills Nation in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore, Singapore: State of EdTech Report 2022 provides deep insight into the state of play of the EdTech landscape . While focused on Singapore, the report includes detailed analysis of five neighbouring countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Singapore: State of Edtech Report 2022

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Who The Report is Relevant to

Providing a point of reference for the investor community in general, the report will be beneficial to EdTech founders, government representatives and business leaders.

The report will assist you in understanding the specific dynamics of the countries in Southeast Asia, the current state of EdTech in Southeast Asia, and, from here on, tracking how EdTech companies within Southeast Asia are moving forward. After reading, you will have a better view on how to navigate the region and landscape and benefit from the support networks available.

Who The Report is Relevant to
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The Report’s Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Countries in focus
  • EdTech in Southeast Asia
  • Investment trends
  • Market segments
  • Southeast Asia EdTech compared
  • Outlook and trends
  • Insights from domain experts
  • Outro

Five Key Highlights

There are 342 EdTech start-ups in Southeast Asia of which only 34% are funded. Of those funded, 70% are at the seed stage, demonstrating the young age of the Southeast Asian EdTech sector

Singapore is home to nearly half of all EdTech start-ups in the region including the only two EdTech unicorns


USD1.4 billion has been invested in Southeast Asian EdTech companies over the past eight years, of which 75% was accounted for in 2021. The majority of the investors are from the United States


Most Southeast Asia EdTech start-ups offer STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) solutions. However, tutoring and homework help solutions receive the most funding


A near equal split exists between the number of EdTech solutions that focus on child-learning vs adult-learning, yet over 75% of all capital invested goes to child-learning.

Why Is Skills Nation Here?

Why Is Skills Nation Here?

Skills Nation aims to accelerate innovation in learning. We connect players in the EdTech field and support solutions that drive the future of learning and work. We do this by supporting early stage EdTech founders with access to networks, capital and mentorships, and by collaborating with EdTech investors, industry experts and public parties to provide growth support to founders and thought leadership to develop the EdTech sector further. We believe that the future of learning will be characterised by greater accessibility, higher quality and more personalisation, enabled by technology. As such, innovation in learning can be a catalyst for change.

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